AX Spain Residency Application Form

3 spots left for this position!



Is room and board included in the program?

For your convenience AX includes this in our showcase package.

What do I do with my dirty laundry?

Your training equipment will be washed at the club facilities by a member of the staff.

How does the food included work?

3 meals/day are included in the package. The team nutrition coach selects the food in order to ensure high quality control. This will reflect in your overall performance to stay healthy and fit for your training. Your diet will be that of the locals, fresh fruit and seafood will be a part of the spread.

Where will I train and play?

The main facility is the Estadio Municipal Escribano Castilla where the first team plays its competitive games. The club has access to other soccer facilities for games and training. Training in the beach is also part of the program.

Does AX provide health and accident insurance?

You are responsible for your own health or accident insurance.

Are transfers from and to the airport included?

Yes. Both upon your arrival and departure

Does the program include any cultural or tourist activities?

AX wants to help you enjoy your stay in Spain. We are able to offer cultural activities:

  • Tour of Granada & Flamenco Show
  • Water Sports at the Beach
  • Attend a LaLiga games (optional if available)
  • Will AX provide any assistance during my stay?

    You can expect all reasonable practical advice and information from our staff.
    AX will not be responsible for the individuals’ activities outside of the AX program.

    Does this include my flight expenses?

    AX will not be responsible for the individuals’ flight expenses to and from the destination.