Sweden Development Showcase

40 Spots Remaining


Dates & Location:
• August 7 - August 18, 2016 - (Lulea/Boden, Sweden & Oulu, Finland)

About the Showcase:
Our Development Showcase to Sweden is a Professional Showcase Tour designed to test players against clubs across Europe and Asia with the aim of evaluating aspiring professional players during competitive game environments. Players will work daily with our FIFA & UEFA Licensed agency / professional coaching staff and will be given an elite environment to train, develop, and showcase their abilities. The tour will be focused on developing players and improving them both technically and tactically to compete against the professional opposition they will face during the tour.

Benefits of Attending:
1) Gain Valuable Experience competing against Professional Clubs.
2) Improve by Training daily with Professional European Coaches.
3) Learn what it is like to be a professional footballer in Europe.
4) Players who impress will be offered Trials with Professional Clubs.




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Showcase Staff and Coaches:

  • UEFA licensed coaches with multiple years of experience in the Professional game as coaches and players
  • Agency staff that have executed hundreds of transfers from the Premier League to lower divisions
  • Agency & coaching staff that work with top clubs in Europe, Asia, and the United States
  • Staff that know the level of player required for Europe (technically, physically, tactically & mentally)

    Previous Professional Opposition in Sweden:

    Opposition Sweden - 1Opposition Sweden - 2Opposition Sweden - 3Opposition Sweden - 4Opposition Sweden - 5Opposition Sweden - 6Opposition Sweden - 8


    Showcase Success Stories:
    Although the tour is aimed at development, our teams will be competing against professional and semi professional opposition during tour.  This will be an opportunity for players to showcase themselves to both AX agency staff and opposing coaches.  11 players from our previous 2 development tours have remained in Europe following the tour after signing or trialing with European teams. 

    Eligibility Requirements:
    In order to be eligible for our Sweden Development Showcase you must be selected by our staff from one of our Professional Soccer Tryouts