What Can I Expect?

2-3 matches against professional Spanish football clubs.

2-3 matches against professional Spanish football clubs.

Top level training environment and access to some of the best professional soccer facilities in Spain

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AX Showcase Information

2020 Showcase Dates:

Oct | Nov | Dec

Showcase cost:

Total cost-$2,999

($1,200 deposit)

What can Players Expect?

Players who are accepted after they apply will spend 7 days in Motril, Spain. Players will be using professional side, C.F. Motril’s facilities and match grounds. Players will eat and train like the pro's (college eligibilty will not be affected).

Tryout Details

$500 - 3 Day Pro Tryouts

The Tryout fee includes registration for one player for the 3 Day Pro Tryouts! Jerseys are provided for all attending players.

Ages 16+

For players under the age of 16 please contact

3 Day Structure

Day 1: 90 minute training session with professional coaches and scouts Day 2/3: Full sided 11v11 games

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Frequently Asked Questions

How Can We Help?

This is 100% legitimate. AX Soccer is a registered business with the Better Business Bureau. Our reviews are accurate and fair. Our staff, coaches and scouts are all vetted and credentialed. We have REAL pipelines established with professional clubs across the globe.

$500 is the cost. AX provides guidance for players who are at all different crossroads in their path to professional soccer. AX believes in putting players in a professional environment where they will experience the highest level of play. Players receive professional coaching from decorated staff, a platform where handfuls of pro scouts are in attendance, and much more!

Not to worry! We offer travel packages to our established locations. If you don't see a location on our list that you think would be a great place to host a 3-Day Pro Tryout, please email us and we'd be happy to discuss.

If you are wondering what group you are in for your 3-Day Pro Tryout, you will receive an email and the subject line will have the information needed. Note: not all players will need this information.. (you will know who you are if you made it here).

We have helped over 200+ players make it to the next level. At the very minimum, you will walk away with a comparison of where you are at as you look at other players who you played against during your time at AX. We help players from all walks of life. We've helped on a wide spectrum ranging from guiding players to more advanced teams & programs, as well as help assist them through agent & signing processes for professional teams. And everything in between!