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Professional Soccer Tryouts

When you come to coaching or counseling, we work with you, your situation / issue and together we find the best for you

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  • Pro Scouts from Europe
  • 3 Days - Training and 11v11
  • Registration Fee $500
  • Men Aged 16-28
  • Feedback Within 7 Days

Pro SoccerTryouts 2022

New York Pro Tryout November 2022, *European Clubs*

Jan 7th - 9th
$ 500.00
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Phoenix Pro Tryout December 9th-11th 2022 *INVITE ONLY outside first 25 Spots*

Jan 7th - 9th
$ 500.00
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Atlanta Pro Tryout December 5th-7th 2022 *INVITE ONLY outside first 25 spots*

Jan 7th - 9th
$ 500.00
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Tryout Details

$500 - 3 Day Pro Tryouts

The Tryout fee includes registration for one player for the 3 Day Pro Tryouts! Jerseys are provided for all attending players.

Ages 16+

For players under the age of 16 please contact

3 Day Structure

Day 1: 90 minute training session with professional coaches and scouts Day 2/3: Full sided 11v11 games

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Highlighted Success Stories

Multiple Players earn contracts, trials & pre-season invitations through AX events or recommendations

team profile
Position : Centerback
Previous Club : Allentown United
AX Event : Raleigh 03/21
Signed : Trial - North Carolina FC (USL League One)

Omar Guzman

team profile
Position : Winger
Previous Club : Haiti U17 National Team
AX Event : Florida 7/21 & Phoenix 12/21
Signed : ASC San Diego (NISA)

Kervens Joliceur

team profile
Position : Midfielder
Previous Club : LA Force
AX Event : LA Event 01/22
Signed : Oakland Roots (USL League Championship)

Wolfgang Prentice

team profile
Position : Forward
Previous Club : SJ Earthquakes Academy
AX Event : San Francisco 05/21 & Phoenix 12/21
Signed : Trials - Barnsley FC (England Championship) Oakland Roots (USL League Championships) Memphis 901 (USL League Championships) Charlotte Independence (USL League One)

Dillon Keane

team profile
Position : Forward
Previous Club : RSL Academy
AX Event : Phoenix 12/21
Signed : Trial - Valley United FC (NISA)

Keaton woods

team profile
Position : Center Back
Previous Club : Nashville 2020
AX Event : Dalvik/Reynir (Iceland)
Signed : Trial - Phoenix Rising (USL Championship)
Trial - OKC Energy (USL Championship)

Kelvin Sarkoh

team profile
Position : Ceneterback
Previous Club : Forward Madison FC
AX Event : AX Agency Player
Signed : North Carolina FC (USL League One)

Goutchov Pierre

team profile
Position : Midfielder
Previous Club : Nashville 2020
AX Event : San Tecla (El Salvador)
Signed : Michigan Stars NISA

Bernardo Majano


Our goal here at AX Soccer is to bridge the gap between the amateurs and professional level. Our three day Pro Tryouts allow players to showcase themselves first hand in front of key decision makers, creating real opportunities for players that prove they are ready for the next level. Founded and maintained by former Professional Soccer players, AX Soccer uses its extensive network of Clubs and Coaches to provide a professional atmosphere.

Along with our 3 day Pro Tryouts, AX also offers European Showcases & Residencies giving players the opportunities to experience the professional lifestyle up close and personal while showcasing themselves in front of European Clubs and Scouts.


Zac Lubin explains how AX helped him sign his first professional contract.

The most important thing is that you want to learn something that interests you, because once you start learning, you’ll be with this topic for a while. Choosing something just because it’s popular or what others are doing isn’t the way to go because if you don’t have a true interest in it, you’ll lose the motivation to learn! Spend some time seriously looking into the different tech career paths before choosing one to go down.

I usually tell most people to start by learning HTML and CSS, then move into learning JavaScript. The reason is that JavaScript is used everywhere: frontend, backend, and even to build mobile apps. It has many use cases, which is why I think it’s smart to learn.

If you have an interest in coding and graphic design, then there’s nothing to say you shouldn’t learn skills in both areas. They often work hand-in-hand, so having knowledge and skills in both areas could be desirable for certain career paths. You could also think about pursuing something in between like UI design, which is a very in-demand career right now!

In general, having design skills along with coding skills is helpful. But it’s also okay to do one over the other. My advice would be to just get started! You can always change directions later… as long as you’re changing directions to the final destination you’re looking for!

Now, in 2020, it’s a no-brainer: Python 3 is definitely the way to go. There are still some situations where picking up Python 2 might be advantageous, or you may just want to learn a little of the history and the differences between Python 2 and 3 for curiosity’s sake, but job-wise, Python 3 is the clear winner.

Personally, I’d say choose a path and stick to it! Learning too many things at once will slow you down. Here are a few ideas of things you can choose to focus on, and a little bit about each one.