Fundraising – AX Soccer Tours


AX Soccer Tours was founded on the principles that the best way to maximize a player's growth, development, and potential is by exposing them to the highest levels of European competition.

Using our extensive contacts within the professional game we are able to bridge the gap between the United States and Europe and give individual players and teams the opportunity to prove themselves in front of and against some of the best professional teams in the world.

However, we at AX Soccer Tours understand that these opportunities can often be very costly to families especially when it involves flying across the country or overseas to be seen.

Whether it is traveling to a Pro Soccer Combine or one of our European Showcase Tours, all can be made possible with the support of others. As a result, we have partnered with Go Get Funding to offer an online fundraising platform so players can raise money towards their opportunity to be seen by professional coaches. Players are able to create their own personal campaign and make others aware of the opportunity that they have been offered so they can accept donations to make this opportunity a reality.


Start Raising Money


Here are the key steps to ensuring that you raise all of the money you need:

1. Visit Go Get Funding and click the start fundraising button to begin creating your page. Be sure to select the 'AX Soccer Tours' partner category in step one of the listing process.

2. In steps two and three of the listing process you'll add the detail to your fundraiser. Explain what you're raising money for and how much it matters to you. Be sure to include several pictures (personal soccer action shots look great!) and you can even include a personal video where you talk through your fundraiser if at all possible.

3. Once your fundraiser is live, get the momentum going by sharing the link to your page with your nearest and dearest contacts by email. Getting this momentum before sharing on social networks helps as it shows that people believe in your cause. In addition, if the first donations are relatively large it increases the chance that others will make similarly large donations.

4. Spread the word through social networks and beyond! Furthermore, consider taking your campaign offline by setting up a sponsored event, soccer match or anything else that your potential donors may be interested in.

5. Provide regular updates via email and through social networks as your fundraiser progresses. Thank those that have donated and re-iterate that others still have the chance to support your amazing cause!