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The AX Story 

We grew up playing in the US Soccer system and achieved at every level in club, college, USL & MLS, however, our dream was always to play at the highest level in Europe. We were confident in our ability and we needed to know if we had what it took to play in Europe. 

The Problem

The path to pro in the US was clear but going to play in Europe was complicated. You needed to have an agent or a past coach with connections overseas, a special contact, and it seemed like you were always anxiously waiting for a call or an opportunity that never came. We were not ok with this..

The Solution

AX Soccer Tours - Pro Soccer Tryouts. 3-day scouting events for players to get seen directly by European coaches and scouts in the US without the need of an agent or a special contact. This allows players the ability to take control of their soccer careers and find out if they have what it takes to play in Europe from ages 16+.

New Opportunity

Football (Soccer) is a game of opinions, and talent identification is completely different in the USA vs Europe. A player who is highly regarded in the USA might be disregarded in Europe and vice versa. You wont know if you are good enough for Europe unless you are seen by European coaches. Different coaches see different value in players, and every league in Europe is unique and can cater to a different playing style or skill set. 

The Result

Since our inception in 2011 we have seen 200+ success stories in the form of trials, offers, and signed contracts. This With continued success our level of clubs and scouts attending has pushed to new heights. In 2017, we are pleased to announce that we will have a European Premier League club at every single tryout.

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