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Individual Player Placement

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What We Do

1. One-2-One Individual Consultations • Personal consultations between our University Placement Specialists and potential student-athlete. We will cover a athletic college recruiting “roadmap” of what to do, when to do it, and most importantly, how and why to do it.

2. Newsletter Timelines / Checklists • Will provide notifications of timelines/deadlines that would need to be completed as well as a checklist that breaks down the athletic recruiting process.

3. Player Profile Creation • We will create a personal, academic and athletic profile that is instantly accessible to all college coaches.

4. Email Templates • Template Examples: Initial Introduction, Follow-up, Pre-Showcase Post-Showcase…

5. Academic and Athletic Evaluation • We will evaluate your academic interests, your athletic abilities as well as your list of prioritized needs and we will provide you with a list of universities that best fits you.

6. Coaches Notification Service • We will contact and email your profile to all the universities that match your interest. You no longer have to waste hours scanning the web for emails and phone numbers.

7. Showcase ID Worksheets • Will be provided document on universities/colleges & those coaches that are registered to attend that showcase, which includes Institution, Division, City, State, Private/Public Tuition, Average SAT/ACT, applicants admitted/4 YR graduation %, Class size, all contact information to full athletic staff & current roster size broken down by seniors/juniors/in-state/out-of-state players.

8. Important Document collection • What documents are needed and how to get them: I-20, US Visa, Clearinghouse, FAFSA, etc.

9. Initial communication with the University • Help on how to get the best scholarship available.

10. Form completion • How to fill the information needed in order to be admitted by the school or required by NCAA, NAIA etc.

11. Qualification Exams • How, where and when to take SAT, ACT and TOEFL exams. As well as who to report your scores to.

12. Assistance throughout graduation • We stand by the student-athlete until they have the final choice and letter of intent is signed.

13. Access to our Team for Questions/Step by Step Help • We can be reached during office hours to answer any questions that student-athlete & family might have.